De Bijenkorf aspires to have the exchange of all trade information take place, to the extent possible, through EDI, in an electronic and automated fashion.

We would like to inform you, through this web page, about the various standards and possibilities, but also with regard to the obligations concerning EDI partnerships.


What is EDI?


EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and is a standard for electronic exchange of trade documentation, with a recurring character.


De Bijenkorf facilitates the exchange of various EDI messages, including:


  • Sales reports
  • Stock levels and movements
  • Article information
  • Orders
  • Order confirmations
  • Electronic packing slips
  • Commercial invoices

The set of EDI messages for exchange depends on the collaborative relationship between the supplier and De Bijenkorf. The composition of the set of messages is agreed to in advance, between the supplier and De Bijenkorf, in a standard EDI Agreement Form which is available upon request.


What are the advantages of EDI?


EDI replaces conventional methods for the exchange of information, such as the faxing of orders, the exchange of sales figures through mail, or sending of invoices by regular mail. Data is processed immediately, from and to systems, resulting in a marked decrease in human error and susceptibility to errors in the transfer of information.


Since EDI messages are generated either daily or weekly, on an article level, logistical processes can be sped up even more, and goods are available for purchase much sooner. Moreover, the detailed information from sales and stock reports provide suppliers with valuable management information.


What is needed for EDI?


Several conditions are linked to a successful EDI partnership.


Trade partners must, for example, have a registration number with an EAN Internationally registered organisation (GS1 for the Netherlands), and all articles should be equipped with unique EAN-13 barcodes.

In addition, it must also be possible for EDI messages to be generated and exchanged according to the EDI standards supported by De Bijenkorf.


Start-up an EDI partnership


The start-up of an EDI partnership takes place by means of several steps. The exact steps and the lead time depend on the collaborative relationship between the supplier and De Bijenkorf, as well as the set of messages to be exchanged.


The registration phase always starts out with the completion of an EDI Agreement Form. All required substantive and technical specifications are recorded in this form, based on which, first of all, the technical connection is established. Hereafter, a phase of substantive tests follows, and after successful completion, the EDI connection is activated.


Send an email to edi@deBijenkorf.nl for more information concerning EDI.